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Testimony 1

“I’m learning to be who I am. In doing that, I’m able to reach back and help someone else to be who they are. It started with that support from Women In Transition. They cared.”


“Women in Transition are not just there for your time incarcerated. They’re there throughout your life. Those are your life coaches.”

Shereva Testimony 2

"… the most amazing thing for me, looking back, is that WIT is here now. They would not just come [into the Transitional Center] for Service. They would literally connect with us…'when you get out, call us and connect with us.' Out of all the ministries that came in there, this is the only one that said connect with me. They are helping women make the transition. They are doing the real work and not just talking about it. I have seen that and witnessed that in my own life with them."

Healing and wholeness after incarceration? They wrote the book.

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